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Updated: Oct 5, 2020

Working with flexible jobs or as a freelancer is getting popular nowadays. Globally the gig economy is expanding rapidly with flexible freelance career options where a professional can work at his convenience and comfort. Due to unstable career prospects, economy and better career growth, professionals, especially from the technology domain are switching jobs frequently. This causes a high rate of attrition to become troublesome for companies as they find it hard to hire expertise and experience in a short period. In the case of new start-ups and small organizations, this becomes more critical, as they do not have enough resources or the much needed time frame to train and prepare the new candidates for the work and cultural ethos. With increasing competition, companies with a limited hiring budget find it tough to source professionals. Because of this changing scenario, in the past few years, we observed the spectacular growth of freelance platforms and jobs for freelance recruiters in Singapore.

Why working with freelance recruiters can be beneficial?

Staffing and recruiting industries have witnessed a fundamental shift in the last couple of years. Posting the openings on a few job portals and start with the hiring process is not much enough and effective today. To hire talented and skilled professionals, you need to proactively hunt for brighter candidates. To achieve the best output in terms of effective hiring and recruiting you to need the best recruiters who outsource their expertise.

Collaborating with freelancer recruiters gives flexibility and freedom. Freelance recruiters are also proved to be more cost-effective for small and medium businesses. In today’s gig economy more and more freelance recruiters are available to serve you which makes it a win-win for everyone. This helps them to juggle between work and personal schedules.

Understand freelance recruitment service and how can it help?

This is all about hiring consultants to help search suitable aspirants for available open positions in the organization within a hiring budget. The consultant needs to recognize and understand the requirement of the company and deliver customized solutions to help them. This model comes with a bunch of benefits as discussed below:

Single point of contact:

The major problem in engaging with a recruitment agency is that you may have to deal with multiple points of contact within the agency. This can create holdups and block in communication, especially when getting updates. On the other hand, a freelance recruiter is a single point of communication who streamline and integrating all in-house recruitment needs.

Affordable Service:

As many jobs for freelance recruiters in Singapore are available, this helps to choose between multiple good hiring options for the companies. A freelance recruiter works alone, either remotely or by integrating with the hiring team. On the other hand, a recruitment agency or company has costly infrastructure and overheads. This way freelance recruiter provides talent search services at an affordable price.

Quality hires:

A freelance recruiting consultant drives the entire recruitment process to deliver an all-around service. Freelance recruiter is flexible and has more liberty to deliver organized and quality output for their clients. The consultant stresses the tedious task of vetting candidates by verifying their skills, certifications, accolades, etc. They are more focussed and specialized in identifying the skills and suitability of the candidates. This ensures that suitable and quality are available to the organization.

The organization is always in search of candidates to add value and deliver quality results within rigorous timelines. A freelance recruitment service can help companies to achieve these objectives and search for quality talent within the hiring budget. Similarly, anyone with exposure and experience of hiring and staffing process can search for jobs for freelance recruiters in SG to look for opportunities available to deliver as a freelance recruiter in Singapore.

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