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Updated: Oct 5, 2020

A freelance recruiter is an individual working for a business or corporate and facilitating them in hiring the best-suited employees for the company. Freelance recruiters work as a self-employed, and their pay varies, depending on the agreed terms and based on a percentage of the salary of the candidates they place within the organization. As this is a freelancing job, so there is no 9-5 schedule, no bosses and work from home comfort. Only you need a laptop with an internet connection, a smartphone, and last but not least good communication and negotiation skills. Although no specific educational requirement is a must, MBA in HR specialization could add value to the profile.

This profession is in big demand in Singapore and Malaysia, as these are a hub of corporates and manufacturing companies. There is a large number of jobs for freelance recruiters in Malaysia and Freelance Recruiter jobs in Singapore available.

Things Required To Be A Freelance Recruiters

The first thing required before applying for these jobs you must have recruiting knowledge. Experience of human resources jobs is preferable but for freshers, training in recruiting and staffing will do. 

The next thing required for a freelance recruiter job is to have a good understanding of the different categories of candidates you are responsible for placement. Most of the freelancers have specialization in some specific industries like marketing, advertising, technology, and BPO companies. Before approaching clients, you have a database ready for resumes suitable for your chosen field. Tips to explore freelance Recruiters jobs

Once you have a good amount of resumes ready in your specializing field, it is time to look for jobs for freelance recruiters Singapore. Also, review your resume and proposal letter thoroughly assuming that you are going to hire someone for a job as a recruiter. It should be convincing. Making connections and networking with professionals in the same industry is also a good move. Today LinkedIn is a powerful and popular platform that can be used effectively for making connections and getting a job. being a competitive field, the contacts build become valuable and fruitful in finding new opportunities. 

How to keep going?

Once you start getting jobs and clients then always work to focus on building a reputation in your which helps a lot in getting as many high-paying clients as possible. The more you work will add more reputation you and also will earn more money. Sometimes the job could be a stressful one because of ups and downs in the market. This could happen due to the economic situation or a slowdown in the market, but it never lasts long. Here you need to have excellent people skills and a good work-life balance to handle any odd situation. When time is good, and you get some bulk-hiring clients you are paid very well. 

As a Freelance recruiter always keep yourself focused and be proactive to stay up to date with the happenings in the industry. keeping updated and well informed ensures the flawless and adequate services to the clients. After all of the good practices and skills, you will get happy clients which will help to pay off well as money is always a by-product of hard work.

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