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The global recruitment landscape has been shaped by the gig economy, whereby the flexible jobs have become very common. LinkedIn’s Future of Recruiting Report projected some of the top recruitment skills which will be seen as top priorities for the next five years. Among the priorities was the ability to keep up with the rapidly changing hiring requirements. LinkedIn data shows that the demand for recruiting professionals have increased by 63% since 2016, and the trend is expected to continue.

According to the Director of talent acquisition at LinkedIn, Army Shultz, an effective recruiter should have a formidable arsenal of skills. However, moving forward, the top-notch recruiters ought to be curious and adaptable with a learning mindset.

Whatever the challenges you’re facing as a freelance recruiter always consider honing the skills which will enable you to succeed despite the radically changing hiring landscape. According to Upwork’s Future Workforce Report, approximately 55% of the hiring managers agreed that remote working is not only more common now days, but also it’s a thing that will grow significantly over the next decade. Many recruiters are expecting greater work flexibility, this means that they need work-from-home jobs regularly. Moreover, there are many new things that you can learn to improve your remote working skills and also implement some new ones.

Below are the incredible recruitment skills that will enable you to navigate through these unprecedented challenging times. Follow these essential and comprehensive tips to stay on course for long and have a productive career.

Practice Adaptability

The coronavirus uncertainty has slowed the hiring process of many companies. The best candidates are shifting with the talent market. An adaptability is a must-have tool which will enable you to navigate the increasingly complex recruitment world. You will be in an excellent state to handle any changes on the horizon.

Learn How to Conduct Seamless Virtual Job Interview Online

Be determined and focused on how you can collaborate and also support your team online. Working effectively remotely during this pandemic period will make you the best option for the employers. Use proper remote working tools and communication to successfully onboard the remote workers. Move along with the technology. "Adaptation of proper HR technology not only improves the ongoing recruitment but also leverage to maintain the current employees engaged and aligned during this phase of stay-at-home" Jeniffer Ho, Vice president of HR at Ascentis.Create a structure and consistency that you can use to manage your workloads.

Host Soft skills

Partner with key decision-makers to bring out the best in you during these challenging times. Being a talent adviser doesn’t mean that the hiring, managers will invite your ion their talent. To be a trusted adviser, you should be prepared as much possible. As mentioned in the latter statement, you need a good history to back your recommendations. According to The Future of Jobs Report, 82% recruiters believe that advising the business leader will be very important for their jobs in the next five years.

Manage Stress

During this period of the pandemic, many people feel anxious and stress. Your candidates might be dealing with a lot of things right now. Patience, empathy and compassion are critical recruitment skills for now and the coming months. According to LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner, compassion is the foundation of a great leader. Once you are a leader with compassion you will be a great recruiter working on trust, transparency and empowerment.

Final Thoughts

What defines a good recruiter? The best recruiter not only perform their daily tasks effectively but also, they make sure that the company is always winning and keeping the right talent. In addition, they should attract, engage and hire the right talent using data-driven recruitment, they should have good experience to recruit fairly and build a reliable talent pool.

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