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Updated: Oct 12, 2020

With the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, work-from-home has become imperative for almost all organizations. It has also posed a little threat to the economy and led subsequent disruptions around the world. Millions of workers across the world from diverse sectors have been asked to self-quarantine and others were leading the pave of lockdown. Organizations are working hard to assess the impact of this disruptive shift and finding the mitigation strategies as work-from-home arrangements are limited to the specific market segment and for a selected group of people having particular profiles.

But now insights show that organizations, irrespective of their industry type or size, want to move to the work-from-home structure so that work doesn't get affected. They know COVID-19 will remain for long, thus they need a permanent resolution for the current as well as future to stabilize the business operations. Mostly are turning to hire a temporary workforce or freelancers to minimize operational costs.

With this, the function which organizations want to squeeze first is a human resource. Freelance recruiter extends the same benefits that a permanent HR employee offers. In this Coronavirus crisis, the freelance recruiter seems to be an excellent job option as organizations want to hire competent & skilled professionals, which only experienced recruiters can do. Most freelance staffing portals in Singapore can be visited to explore the exciting job opportunities as a freelance recruiter.

Why Choose a Career as a Freelance Recruiter?

Many organizations are now urging the social distancing by declaring obligatory work-from-home and asking the employees to work remotely. As we said only a few job-types or profiles can shift 100% to work remotely, and recruitment stands in the top list in those job-types. Job continuity, flexible schedule, and financial independence are indeed the priorities that are offered as a Freelance Recruiter, but it also offers other benefits such as:

Virtual Socializing - Although work from home is a kind of flexible job type but working alone can be very succulent as you are alone and don't have colleagues to chat or have coffees or lunches with. This sometimes brings serious boredom, but working as a freelance recruiter you get the chance to speak to various people. Although, all calls would be official, still sometimes it adds humor to life, where you don't feel alone and get bored. You can check the freelance recruitment portal in Singapore to find a job that suits your profile and experience and an industry that you want to serve at your convenience.

Learn How To Be More Collaborative - Recruitment is all about managing people, this job is the most challenging one as you not only need to professionally deal with people but also need to assess their emotional intelligence, mentioned by almost all freelance staffing agencies in Singapore. Thus it requires plenty of skills in terms of communication, patience, and collaboration. No matter whether you have just started your career as a fresher or having years of experience, you need to have these attributes. Thus, it helps you to learn essential life skills. 

The latent benefits of working as a Freelance Recruiter couldbe fabulous in terms of the work environment, flexibility, wallet, health, and work productivity. Embrace as much as you can!

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