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Updated: Oct 5, 2020

Can a freelancer recruiter job offer work-life balance and better possibilities? Yes, working as a freelancer recruiter can offer both because today's gig economy is filling every void gap with the help of social commitment and advance technology. Freelancer recruiters, irrespective of their gender, age, and geography are joining this fastest moving freelancing bandwagon. This job will stay here and continue to grow.

Although many people, who are already working in the recruitment field, don't agree with this point that it can balance your work and life. As per them, working in this profession is very tedious and your whole time can get diminished, even after office hours. But they also say it's fair exchange if you are getting high financial rewards. So how freelance recruiter jobs in Singapore can achieve the balance? To understand this, let's correct our basics,

What is Work-life Balance in Recruitment?

Recruitment is never been a 9 to 5 job, you have to make yourself available and fit around your clients and candidates because they both are pillars of your paycheque. This is the first and foremost barrier when start applying on jobs for freelance recruiters Singapore. How will you connect? What time of the day is good? Many questions will start bouncing in your mind.

If work-life balance means working less to you, then you are into the wrong perception. Today recruitment is about working with greater flexibility and adopting innovative practices. The days where you were working for more than twelve-hour days in a boiler cubical room type environment have started evaporating by using holistic approaches. The Balancing Act in Recruitment

So how this will get materialized? Working on jobs for freelance recruiters in SG means you know the ways & means on how to control your day. You build a flexible attitude around your life, which means you may be working 10 hours a day on Monday but can have a day-off on Wednesday or can take a long weekend off. Sometimes you can be a situation when you start early and finish late or vice-versa, you have the flexibility to take a 2-hour lunch break, can dine with your friend, can hit the gym on time, you can work 3-hours in the morning and two hours in the evening, and may other.

Just because you are not working for the entire day i.e. every hour, doesn't mean you are not working hard but you are working SMART. This is how balancing is achieved!

Driven By or Utilizing Advanced Technology

Technology has already made our life easy; this is also applicable when you work as a freelance recruiter. Technology advancements are making the work-life balance much more simple and feasible. You can find many jobs for freelance recruiters in Malaysia nowadays, which were earlier not available, as technology has ended the geography boundaries. With Cloud technology, you can work from anywhere anytime in the world, even from a most exotic location.

Everything from your email to job portals to candidate CV to CRM can be easily accessed from the cloud-based applications. Physical presence is no more required. You can do video-conferencing using FaceTime, Skype, Viber, GoToMeeting, etc. All these tools are mobile friendly and can effortlessly collaborate that allows instant communication, effective workflow, and greater productivity. Thus, you control your work from a small screen of your mobile.

Starting your career as a freelancer recruiter can offer flexible working but can put even more pressure on you to get results. So before starting just give a thought whether you can thrive in this type of freelancing environment, if yes then get ready for a wonderful journey.

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