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With the Coronavirus outbreak, everything is moved from the physical landscape to the virtual environment. Businesses are already being forced to move their workforce to work-from-home environment but neither organizations nor employees are ready for it. It has already halted the economic activities in many sectors that resulted in a global market panic

Nobody can deny the adverse effects of COVID-19 as it is kicking every sector and recruitment is also not the same as it was before. Restrictions on physical interaction and movement are landed as an unprecedented condition.

But still, businesses need workforces to run their operations for which they have to rely on recruiters. But finding the right candidate with the required skill and potential can be a little tricky and when it needs to be worked upon in a virtual environment. You may find multiple headhunters in Singapore but do you think they can serve the requirement; the answer is debatable. So why not try out the services of freelance recruiter rather than conventional recruitment methodology. 

Listed below are few of the reasons why your organization must consider collaborating with a freelance recruiter in Singapore:


Working with Freelancer recruiter is much flexible as compared to engaging with a traditional recruitment firm in Singapore. They work independently and are well focused on client requirements as they don't work on multiple projects at once. You can contact them as and when required and get an immediate status update, whereas, it is not possible when you work with recruitment agencies as they have multiple clienteles to serve.

Ease of Reachability

Finding a freelance recruiter in Singapore is very easy, you don't have to spend much time as there are certain platforms dedicated to freelance recruiters such as HringAntz.

Timely Closure of Requirements

Once you raised the request to a freelance recruiter, you can be rest assured that they will complete the task on time as they value their client a lot and to maintain a long-term relationship, they strictly adhere to the closure timings.


This is one of the main reasons why your organization should move from traditional recruitment agencies to freelancer recruiters as they are budget friendly. Their services are very much affordable, and you have the flexibility to charge them hourly or fixed contract types. This leads to reduced cost with higher efficiency and productivity.

Industry Expertise Experience

There are many freelance recruiters who are a specialist at screening, profiling, and filtering out the most immeasurable talent from candidates who applied for a certain job post.

Freelance recruiters already work in a virtual environment so they are well aware of what characteristics are necessary for a person whom they screen or interview for a virtual environment. They know the difficulties and hiccups that a potential candidate shows while they interview them. Thus, engaging with freelance recruiter in Singapore is the best idea in the time of crisis as compared to a regular recruitment practice.

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