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Updated: Oct 5, 2020

Currently, the future of our businesses and especially the hiring processes is uncertain due to the COVID-19 pandemic. For this reason, every business needs to be flexible. They ought to adjust their standard practices until when the face-to-face business is possible again. That is why many staffing companies are engaging with freelance recruiters.

A recent study by Doodle showed that only 16% of HR recruiters in the United States is prepared to go virtual with their onboarding and recruitment programs. The study also shows the low priority of remote meeting tools in Human resource budget.

You don't need to worry anymore as an employer. Hiring Antz crowdsourcing platform for talent procurement has got you covered. Hiring Antz offers you the best options/candidates you need for the vacant opportunities from the freelance recruits. However, how is staffing possible with the current pandemic economy? Majority of the companies are now seeking the job placement agency alternatives, many options for freelance recruiters in Singapore, the leading freelance staffing store is Hiring Antz.

Here are the expert tips you can adapt for candidate pipeline, to hire a competent team.

#1. Let Everyone One Know That You're Hiring.

Many candidates who were searching for jobs before COVID-10 hit the world assume that majority of companies are not hiring now. Therefore, make it well known to the public that your company is actively seeking employees.

#2. Make the Recruitment Procedure Precise and Detailed.

Hiring during the Covid-19 pandemic calls for well-thought-out, detailed, recruitment plan. Make the procedure readily available before starting the process. Freelance recruitment offers a different experience from the face-to-face approach. As the employer, it's your role to the company to find potential employees who make sure that work processes is followed. "Have a System to test your technologies" Chantay Bridges. In your freelance recruitment plan include time, date and who to call. Avail video link necessary for the video meeting.

#3. Your Offer Should Be Realistic

Coronavirus pandemic has created very uncertain times for the employees. When hiring the company cannot offer reservation or modifications. "When recruiting during a crisis, be conscious of what you offer," Jennifer Walden. The world has changed, keep your new hire posted if you are offering a permanent or temporary position. Thing s will also change post-coronavirus; therefore, the company owners need to have clear plans. #4. Prioritize Remote Skills

The pandemic economy has made the business think of how they can conserve their resources; therefore, many are opting to work with the freelance recruiter. The best headhunter in Singapore is now a thing of the past. Hiring Antz has the perk in the recent coronavirus pandemic and the entire world. Freelances are now able to generate income while at home. Communication Technology with inclusion will help in shaping the future of remote work. "Many companies are hiring remote or freelance positions during the coronavirus pandemic," said Clair Kim.

#5. Utilize the Existing Candidate Pool

You can avoid active jobs agency in Singapore and shift your focus to the exiting crowd of candidates. Hire from Hiring Antz. "We focus on passive candidates, the potential pool that we have been keeping an eye on," said Clair Kim. Kim said "optimizing on the existing talent pool will give the company something to tap into when executing the crisis exit plans" you can now see that the job placement agency in Singapore is no longer active.

According to Kim, this approach gives companies time and space to source the right employees, always available past the crisis and when the businesses are back to normal activities.

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