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The new reality of coronavirus pandemic has created an enormous impact on countries worker’s mobility across all borders—notably, due to the imposition of strict measures intended to curb the spread of the COVID-19. Recruitment professionals and the HR companies are adapting changes based on their candidate’s needs; they are responsive to what it’s happening in the world. How else can the employers respond to the coronavirus crisis? HR Leaders are in economic peril during these unprecedented times Talent acquisition process is taking a back hit. Nevertheless, businesses will continue recruiting their workers; talent sourcing platforms are still reachable.

According to the joint report by Alternative Investment Management Association and KMPG, the hedge funds in Asia have increased their headcount, and they still have the appetite to hire more talent despite economic uncertainty brought about by Coronavirus. Moreover, Singapore’s talent sourcing landscape has significantly been impacted by the pandemic differently compared to the other countries; this is in line with one economist. 63% of HR managers are hiring amid coronavirus lockdown; the quarantine period is not gloomy as it seems. Strategic talent acquisition plan exists, we’ve outlined strategic HR pipeline for you below.

Recruitment practices are now adopting some changes with respect to Covid-19 prevention measures. This include shift to the online modalities; remote recruitment strategies are being upheld. To be successful during these challenging times, employers should be future-focused, agile, creative, resilient, flexible and innovative.

In this commentary piece, we’ve very important takeaway surveys and hacks that will help you manage your recruitment process in the current wavy hiring landscape.

Make Diversity top your talent acquisition agenda: In a Survey titled The Indian Workplace response to Coronavirus, 61% of the hiring managers asserted that hiring diverse talent is the top priority when it comes to the factors of learning and development. Pausing equity, inclusion and diversity initiatives might be a challenge to reignite its efforts at a later date. Don’t fall at the wayside of this time, diversity and inclusivity will keep you at the top of the games during the COVID-19 pandemic. Diversity and inclusion matters; there are 30% more financial returns and 21% above average profitability to companies # McKinsey New Report. You can get connected to top-tier talent digitally. Digital tools are essential to building talent networks which can support the search for the right candidates that can work on flexible roles.

Be responsive and proactive: 34% of the executive management team are working proactively to ensure that the business continuity and survival is boosted amid the crisis. From surviving to thriving, you need to build responsive and proactive trademarks. According to McKinsey and Company, to attract multinational talents, you need to be consistent and at the same time, responsive.

Make the recruiters/ candidates well-being your number one priority; 34% of the employers are keen on initiatives which syncs with public health advisory. As an employer always listen to your potential employees, advertise the vacant positions broadly (i.e. Hiring Antz), follow the social distancing rules and recruit and hire remotely. Additionally, encourage your talent pool to keep safe and follow the Covid-19 Prevention Measures Strictly.

Adapt the remote hiring as fast as you can: 49% of hiring managers believe that virtual hiring and the remote workplace is here to stay. Many companies are now preparing and getting ready for the modules. There are compulsory upskilling activities which don’t leave the job candidates out of sense. HR leaders should lean on technology to manage communications and productivity in the process of recruitment. “Technology is the key aspect that enable the HR professionals during this period of coronavirus outbreak to shift process and keep the right talent on the track” Lindsay Dagiantis VP of human resources and Envoy Global.

Ultimately, this is the time to build deeper connections; improving your hiring process is easy; most companies are still hiring in a COVID world. 

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