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Updated: Oct 5, 2020

Being a Freelance recruiter is a very attractive career option for professionals. A freelance recruiter works for companies and organizations and helps them in the process of hiring and staffing. They earn mostly as a commission per candidate which is generally full one-month salary of the candidate or as decided between them. Getting work as a freelancer is not that much easy. You need to look out for open positions and do some networking to know the hiring requirement of different companies in your area.

As Singapore and Malaysia are a hub of corporates and companies, There are a large number of Best Jobs for Freelance Recruiters in Singapore and Freelance recruiter jobs in Malaysia available. To work as a Freelance recruiter, you don’t need a big infrastructure or capital to start with. Anybody who has the skills required can get work and can provide consultancy without any big resources. You just need to have a laptop with an internet connection, an understanding of the process and a zeal to provide solutions to the employer and prospective employees. Let's discuss this in detail.

What is a good Freelance Recruiters?

Without any specific degree or qualification, you can easily start your career as a freelance recruiter with just a telephone, laptop with Internet access. You must possess the art and skills of interviewing candidates, connect and collaborate with potential clients and start your career as a successful freelance recruiter.

Best Jobs for Freelance Recruiters are for those who have a good understanding of the different categories of candidates available with you and matching a perfect profile for a specific job need. For that, you need to define the type of candidates you are going to place. A good freelance recruiter is always a specialist in some industry or domain. Technology, executive search, IT, marketing, advertising or accounting fields are some of the high paying areas for the freelance recruiter. Knowledge of human resource principles and the sales process is always an added advantage. 

Tips to explore freelance Recruiters jobs

Once you decided to start with a career as a freelance recruiter. Your next step is to find Best Jobs for Freelance Recruiters in Singapore. Some career and freelancing portals monster, indeed, Upwork, Fiver, etc. can be very useful. Signup and create your profile to attract more recruiting firms and get work from there. Also, create an impressive profile with all the specialties, features and testimonials you have. Building connections and networking with corporate and company management is very essential to grab an opportunity. LinkedIn is also a popular B2B platform to fetch available opportunities across the globe. that can be used effectively for making connections and getting a job. being a competitive field, the contacts build become valuable and fruitful in finding new opportunities.  Landing to your first client

Build an online portfolio of your services to reflect what you may deliver the best. Initially, you may start with a little lower charge to attract the clients. Once you get started always be proactive to get positive testimonials from happy clients and candidates and display them. Do spread the word online and market yourself as an expert providing all sorts of solutions to the clients. Also being a social animal and attending meetups, webinars, etc also help a lot. You can meet clients both online and offline, If the client is not interested in working with you in the first meeting, give some more time to know them a bit and build a relationship. Keep a follow-up and be in touch, as he may require your expertise in the future.

To get the best jobs for freelance recruiter Singapore, you require expertise and skills, a strong portfolio and a great network. Although, you can also get started without these and build them up over time and experience.

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