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Updated: Oct 12, 2020

The BLM campaign is an essential civil rights movement believed to impact generations to come. The black lives matter protests have reignited after the death of George Floyd that resulted due to police brutality. If we can support the BLM campaign, we will promote work equity, attract diversity, build inclusion, reinforce employee confidence, and also ultimately get skilled talent. Even if you are a freelance recruiter, you have a role in supporting the BLM movement.

To fight the institutionalized racism, we need performative solidarity. Great companies now recognize inclusion and diversity as their top strategy to help them support the BLM campaign. Research shows that diversity and inclusion (DI) are not only ways to repent for our sins that we've committed for the past centuries but also an excellent strategy that delivers significant performance in every business. Let's make the world a better place to be for everyone. Best staffing agencies in Singapore are now playing their part to offer great opportunities for more flexible working hours despite the current pandemic world favoring the employment of freelance recruiters. BLM movement needs everyone's input.

According to the McKinsey study, there is a correlation between diversified leadership and financial outperformance. The companies running on diversity wheels outperformed the profitability of their competitors by 33%. Unfortunately, the companies running on the bottom quartile, without diversity or inclusive culture, have a 29% likelihood of not achieving average profitability. DI leads to higher customer satisfaction and higher product sales; therefore, the recruiting sources should consider this to build on awesome careers.

The black population represents 13% of the United States population and 10% of the total university graduates. Additionally, the black community contributes to approximately 12% of the workforce. In our current world, only 3.2% of black professionals hold senior and executive management positions in American corporations.

The statistics above clearly show how equality is encumbered. "If you are silent during injustice situations, you side the oppressor," Desmond Tutu

As a recruiter, we have a good knowledge of organizations' strategies, and we are also more educated about the inclusion and diversity issues. Employ from every geographical location, color, and height is what builds diversity in our workplace. Today is the special day for us to stop the insanity of doing the same things repeatedly and then expect a very different outcome! We should start working together as one knowing that we are human beings despite differences in color, age, height, geographical location, and gender. Let us all read from the same page to fight racism.

Let's support this BLM movement!

So, as a recruiter, how can you support the Black Lives Matter Campaign?

  • Offer emotional support to your employees.

  • Set policies and regulations that discourage racism at work

  • Promote adversity

  • Limit referral hiring system that might set the track in your recruitment process.

  • Address your organization's issues while they can still be solved.

  • Makes race and bias conversations active, always discourage racism.

  • Use your privilege as a leader to instill moralness in the society, stand firmly against bias and discrimination.

  • Changes discrimination attitudes and discourage all concepts of biasness.

  • Report racism allegations to relevant authorities quickly.

  • Final Note

If you have a black professional working for you, he/she might be feeling so angry and scared. Their mental wellbeing is taking a hit fate due to the horrendous news. Sympathizes and support your workforce. Let them feel comfortable by your side. Talk to them in a friendly way to improve their mental health. Let them know that you care, and your support is guaranteed.

As a leader, you should be a good example. Let everyone know that racism is illegal, and it's not acceptable in your organization.

Black Lives Matter, You Doing Nothing Isn't An Option.

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