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Updated: Oct 5, 2020

Do you feel suffocated and stagnant working in a 9-5 work environment and desire to set your rulebook for work? Then moving to a freelance recruitment career option can be a great choice for you. Freelancing is in high demand in Singapore as a career since it gives the people desirable liberty and independence and also value in the outcomes. Freelance recruiting is a good opportunity for those who wish to do business from the comfort of their home with a flexible schedule and less investment.

The requirement for freelance recruiting is very simple, you need to have a computer with uninterrupted internet access, a telephone, and excellent written and oral communication skills and mediation skills. As far as educational qualification is concerned, no specific degree or certificate is required to get a start in this career. Qualified individuals from any educational background can work as a freelance recruiter.

What the career is all about

a Freelance recruiter helps a business or organization in the process of talent acquisition and earns a commission for the same. They are responsible to reach out, scrutinize, and recruit top candidates in suitable employment positions. While the jobs for freelance recruiters Singapore could be challenging as this profession is fast-paced, target focussed, and demanding, the best job for freelance recruiter Singapore could be equally rewarding both emotionally and financially. 

By becoming a freelance recruiter, you can contribute to organization growth by filling open positions with talented professionals while on the other hand helping job seekers to get their dream jobs. There is no limit to earning a good freelance recruiter. Generally, the earnings will be based on a percentage or commission of the full-time salary of the candidates who have been hired for employment within your client’s organization. This is directly proportional to the salary of the candidates you placed for a position. Quantity and quality both affect the earning directly. 

Hence all the professionals who are looking for an exciting career move or looking to earn extra income, then unquestionably working as a freelance recruiter are the best-suited option.

How to start as a freelance recruiter?

You can start your best jobs for freelance recruiter Singapore for a company that is looking for talented staff. If you have a good network of connections of the candidates constantly looking for a job opportunity, then you may use this network for your freelancing where you can earn money by presenting people to a job opening.

There are many job platform in Singapore available where you can be a freelance recruiter and help people get hired. Hiring Antz is one of those leading and popular platforms tailored to talent acquisition professionals and people who are interested to become a freelance recruiter. These platforms provide an easy and transparent recruitment process and a hassle-free support system for the hiring process.

As a freelance recruiter, you will get opportunities to earn income based on your activity, all you need is to have a computer or smartphone. To start your journey, first, you need to register on these platforms to set up an account.

There is a simple process to follow. First, you need to find matched open positions for people registered with you or are within your connections. Once you find potential candidates and suitable job roles, then shortlist them and proceed further for the hiring process with screening and interviewing, etc.

To earn and grow well in the jobs for freelance recruiters Singapore, all you need to do is staying in touch with more and more clients and more networking. Dedication towards providing the best service to the client organization and candidates is a must. Once you get some experience, it will become easier to perform well in the jobs for freelance recruiters in SG.

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