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Updated: Aug 25, 2020

We’ve all experienced economic volatility before, but nothing can be compared to the current states of affairs brought in by the COVID-19 pandemic. Across all the sectors, the employers and employees are facing negative financial impacts, which makes them strain as the crisis evolves. One sure thing is that once the pandemic subsides, we’ll come out informed and mindful of many behaviors that were not of top priority, especially on financial issues.

Many organizations are trying to conserve their resources to navigate the coronavirus crisis and its aftershocks. More of them now opt to engage with the remote recruiters. Sourcing a remote recruiter has the best perks in the world, and the recent coronavirus has even given cost-effective recruiters more opportunities to generate income in the comfort of their homes. 

According to a study conducted before Coronavirus outbreak by Morgan Stanley (percentage likely to be higher now), 74 percent of the employees acknowledged financial program as an essential benefit, 60 percent were inclined to stay at the company offering a financial program that helps them manage their financial issues effectively. On the other hand, 42 percent of them said that they are inadequately informed about the financial program benefits and other employer offers.

Ensuring that employees are adequately equipped with proper resources during these uncertain times is critical to their health. They need to have engaged physical, emotional and mental well-being. Even to save more many companies now are looking for alternatives instead of engaging with the best staff in Singapore. Crowdsourcing has been the ultimate option.

So, what can companies execute during these uncertain times to differentiate themselves as a reputable employer of choice?

Consistency and honesty is a topic that you don’t need the authorization to discuss with your employees. They are two essential virtues that prove the complete credibility of every leader. You must stay honest and consistent during these unprecedented times so that you can’t lose your workforce.

Minimize distractions and evaluate employees’ mind-set through regular formal meetings. It’s not business as usual. Know how you can advise your workers to stay safe at home and assure them that we are in this pandemic crisis together, furthermore, let them know that we will overcome the Coronavirus crisis like other hurdles and obstacles that had come before us.

As an employer, it’s good that you also pay attention to your candidates. Offer them your attention totally, open doors for policies, and frequent check-ins. “It’s hard; however, the more you give more attention to your team, the more they trust in your operations. The meetings will be quick since everyone knows what it’s going on” Jake Kahana.

Radio silence is a big enemy. If you’re an employer who is up to provide employees wellness. Communicate as you’ve never done it before. Even if you don’t have any new update, show your team that they are still your priority despite the crisis. Whether you’re in HR or business, know how you can cushion and control risks by using proper communication.

Employees love and appreciate leaders who can make a decision and stand on them firmly. It feels cathartic to have someone (Top Placement Agency in Singapore) decide for you during these hard times. Make calculated and informed decisions, also don’t be afraid to change your mind.

Ultimately, as a strategic leader, even if everything gets crazy lead by example and be free to share your natural feelings with some of your employees. Remember, everyone is working hard; everyone is human Pay good attention to the wellness of your employees.

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