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Updated: Oct 5, 2020

As the World prepares to face the threat of COVID-19, we move from “social distancing” to “self-isolation” to even the prospect of avoiding the people we care about. We are bounded by the language of quarantine. People are staying home and preferring to work from home. This brings an opportunity to explore work from home jobs or freelancing jobs. If you are a recruiting consultant then this is the time to move towards working as a freelance recruiting consultant. You might have some doubts about the scope of being a freelance consultant, and this article will help you in understanding the benefits you can get as a freelance recruiter. The career of a freelance recruiter offers a career of independence, the ability to set your own wages and make your own schedule. As a freelancer, your job is to offer a recruiting service that supports companies during various hiring stages. Simply the job is to manage clients recruiting processes and extend their staff with skilled, qualified talent. The best job for freelance recruiters is available online where you can make your career grow while keeping your autonomy. Also if you’re a recruiter who is tired of running around in-house recruiting, and confused about “Why Should You Hire Freelance Recruiters?”  Then this article will help you too.  What is a Freelance Recruiter? Freelance recruiters, or consultants; are self-employed, contracted professionals work on a project basis. They are paid on an hourly basis and not hired full time, and work with the clients’ teams building candidate pipelines and providing full-cycle recruiting support.  They are capable to align with clients’ processes to identify candidates and build talent pipelines to meet their recruiting needs right away.  Freelance recruitment consultants might spend time working remotely from their homes. They decide when to work, and are responsible for their success and career growth. 

Why Consider Freelance Recruiter Job as a Career?

Do what you love Freelance recruiting allows you to decide your terms and wages for the projects you work on. The income of a Freelance Recruiter varies depending on the type of projects and assignments and the industry for which one is recruiting. Duration and volume of the assignment also considered while charging your clients. If you have a passion for working for your own and highly skilled in connecting people, there are plenty of best jobs for freelance recruiters available. Develop your network and skills Freelance recruiting offers ample opportunities to work with a wide range of clients. While handling a project, you will be interacting with the hiring managers, human resource leaders, onboarding staff, and job aspirants on different levels. This helps to learn, develop, and improve your skills as a recruiter, and multiply your network. Constructing a positive network and skillsets, with a proactive approach makes you more valuable and marketable as an independent recruiter. Flexible Schedule The best part of the profession is that a freelance recruiter has a flexible schedule that allows you to decide when and what projects for you to choose to work on. As mentioned above about the flexibilities as a freelancer, sometimes you might have meetings with the hiring team as per the urgency of the work and rest hour you can work at your convenience.  The best job for freelance recruiters always gives the freedom of flexibility.

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