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The gig economy has been under and accelerated increase in Southeast Asia since 2010. The gig economy is whereby short-term contracts or the freelance works are in plenty compared to the permanent jobs. Gig work offers work flexibility. However, to survive in the gig economy, you need competency on some specific skills, Leaderonomics. Not everything lands on a silver plate.

Buisiness Insider reports in 2018, it was established that 65% of the hiring managers expect the gig economy to increase until it becomes the new normal on how bussineses organize their workflows.

Compared to the online recruitment process in Southeast Asia, the surge in freelancing work clearly shows that the Asian world will soon be the hot spot for hiring talent sourcing agents, Future of Jobs Report. With that in mind, let’s give essential attributes to the qualities that employees are looking for from the freelance recruiters.


Employers love self-motivated workers who will help in improving the productivity of their firm. The self-starter freelance recruiter doesn’t need to be reminded how, when, and why they need to work. They work with minimal surveillance. They work to deliver the exact and even more quality from work given. Bosses should not be checking on you frequently so that you can work on the assigned tasks.

Good Communication Skills and Excellent Writing Skills

Technology is advancing, and how you communicate effectively with your employer really matters. Options are many; however, how do you do it? How is your interaction with the team you work with? Employers like freelance recruiters who communicate in a clear and succinate manner. That way, both parties will understand what needs to be done and how the deadlines will be met. Excellent writing skills are not an exemption.


Freelance recruiters would not go far without a proper and coordinated work discipline. Constrains of office hours are no more. However, work and self-discipline are needed to honor the deadlines and manage the given time well. When doing job bidding, make sure that you can deliver the given errands within the set time. A talent sourcing agent is always accountable for his/her actions. Self-discipline is a prime feature that builds an excellent hiring manager. With your investigation, you will note that the best staffing agency in Singapore operates with work discipline. It would help if you did it too.


The hiring managers would not be at this far were it not for modern technology. The recruitment community needs a technology wizard. The worker is well conversant with the proper apps and devices that easily and correctly get the job done. If you’re sourcing for an employer, you need how you can work around the computers or other portable devices like tablets. Know all the essential software used in the recruitment community. Have all the necessary tools. Different employers will always be reaching out to you to help then onboard the best talent, which is your thing.

Work independently

At some point in time, the freelance recruiter might land in a bad time zone. This should not limit the chance of getting in touch with employers. Employers believe in hiring managers who can troubleshoot their problems without consulting too much about it. Make your personal decisions and always consider solving all your challenges independently. Be someone reliable; come, rain come sunshine.

Good Connectivity

It may be a daunting task for the independent sourcer to be available 24/7. However, some level of connectivity is needed. Apart from the usual communication hours, employees will try getting in touch with you any time there is an emergency. Make sure that your connectivity is working. Your accessibility is paramount in facilitating an excellent recruitment process.

Finally, you need to be trustworthy. Its importance cannot be overemphasized. Stand-out hiring manager works with eases and hard work to benefit the employers. Now that you understand the qualities which employers need. Learn how you can meet the requirements; it will benefit you as well as your employers.

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