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Remote workers are essential to be neglected by managers because of their unique needs. Best talent sourcing platforms have been affected and talent [procurement is losing control. Coronavirus has brought many changes that have made workers operate from home. Employers are getting this as a challenge since they had never prepared their workplace for such unfortunate times. However, managing the remote work efficiently needs an approach that is recalibrated to suit the employees effectively. Strategic recruitment is also essential, even if it means doing job posts for free. Remote employees thrive on trust, communication, individualization and clear expectations. Employee score and engagement is 70% dependent on managers' support.

As per now, a significant number of employees are working remotely. Tony Robbins, life and business strategies, mentioned on his LinkedIn post that "In these times of uncertainty, we need to think critically for ourselves." Can we work with the best recruitment agency in Singapore or we post jobs for free with expectation of sourcing the best candidate to work as a freelance recruiter? There is a need for companies to ensure that remote-work is engaging and productive. According to Brian Kropp, many organizations are strategizing on their business continuity, the methods used to address bandwidth, and the employees' ability to focus on their work while working from home.

Here are the recommended techniques for you as the HR leader (employers); you can use these to offer requisite support to their employees to enable them to tackle the roller coasters of the Coronavirus pandemic:

Listen To Your Workforce

COVI-19 has disrupted homes, communities and jobs. The unemployment rate is growing, approximately 13%. Organizations are in their unprecedented critical times. According to the McKinsey and Company survey, it was noted that 78% of the employees work under organizations that respond appropriately to their concerns. 80% of company leaders are proactive in employees' health and safety. As an employer, you should be available and willing to help your employees. With this, you will build on your employees' resilience and social capital. Always use both informal and formal conversations.

Always Be Watching on Employee's Wellbeing And Effectiveness

McKinsey noted that organizations are now addressing the immediate stability and safety concerns of their employees. Working on employee's wellness will translate to work effectiveness and high business profitability.

Understand Teleworking Challenges

Challenges surround every industry. For the employees that are working remotely, there are communication bottlenecks and breakdowns. There might be surrounding distractions that might shut remote work, therefore, spilling temporary shutdown.

Offer the Necessary Tools

Accessibility to the right tools required for remote work is paramount. To meet this need, employers should puzzle through what is needed to ensure proper telecommunication transition. The remote employees also need easy access to the resources that connect them to on-site employers without limits. In the process, both parties should ensure data safety.

Interact with Your Employees

Workplace interactions build teamwork and collegiality. Employees should involve their employees on all off-site and in-site activities whenever possible.

Stay Safe as You Offer You Ultimate Support To Your Employees!

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