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With the Covid-19 pandemic impacting businesses and workspaces worldwide, you may be finding yourself working from home. You’re not alone. According to Facility Executive, 88% of companies have required their employees to work from home.

While there are definitely some perks to your new remote working environment, if you’re not used to the shift, you may also find yourself tackling some challenges along the way. Procrastination, distractions, technology, lack of resources, lack of boundaries and families being the most common. However, if you’re able to navigate your way around these, you may find yourself breezing through a productive day.

So how can you make the most of working from home? Robin Sharma attributes his success in this area to his discipline, clear schedule and loyalty to his rituals. However, if you don’t know where to start or finding this difficult to do, here are five other tips of people who are successful at working from home.

1. Start Early

Starting your day early is a great way to get into a productive mode with the benefits of fewer distractions and a peaceful environment. Vanderkam conducted a poll of 20 executives in which 90% said they wake up before 6 am on weekdays. Tackling a to do list first thing and dedicating your mornings to high value work are key to making real progress.

However, having said this, working when you find yourself most productive is also important not to overlook. Future Females founder and business coach, Lauren Dallas, says that she works best from 10pm to 2am and therefore structures her day around that. So, if you’re not a morning person and have the ability to work better at night, it may be a better for you.

2. Dress for the Job

Approach work in the same way you would if you were going into the office. While the thought of staying in your pyjamas or throwing on your favourite house tracksuit seems appealing, it could have a negative effect on your productivity. Getting dressed into slightly more professional attire puts you in the mindset that you’re at work and helps you avoid falling into an unproductive relaxed mode.

3. Prepare for a successful day ahead

In any working situation, preparing for your day ahead has huge benefits for productivity levels. Google’s inhouse Productivity Advisor, Laura Mae Martin says that this is probably the most important tip she has right now.

When planning for your day, include structure for your day ahead, organise your working space, write out a realistic to do list and then leave it visible so that it helps you mentally prepare as well as hold yourself accountable for the tasks you absolutely need to get done.

4. Create A Dedicated Office Space

One of the most important attributes to successfully working from home is to set up a dedicated work area that separates work zones from relaxing zones. In her

1 Minute Tips – Working from Home series, productivity coach, Karen Eyre-White speaks about the importance of having good physical boundaries between home and work, creating a space that’s quiet and away from distractions, somewhere where you don’t do anything else. In another one of her productivity articles, she also explains how this helps with mindset, overcoming the main challenge of getting yourself out of home mode and into work mode.

5. Switch Off

Easily one of the most overlooked yet vital points to keep in mind when it comes to working from home is knowing when to switch off. It can become so easy to blur the lines of work and home when you’re working remotely, stretching your hours, never switching off or tending to work when you should be ‘at home’, and is one of the biggest causes of burnout.

In his book, The 5am Club, Robin Sharma says that rest is not a luxury, it’s a necessity. In order to be successful and productive, we need to rest, recover, refuel our assets, and enjoy life. He attributes this to his success in his fields and when coaching others.

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