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Our world has changed permanently, and with that change comes the change in how companies recruit. Technology is being used more than ever before in the recruitment process and companies are utilising it increasingly to speed up the process of hiring and ensure that a full-picture of a candidate is seen before they are employed.

Candidates are also more interested in the culture and reputation of a company when seeking employment, looking for a job is no longer simply about being paid their wage, it is about what lifestyle they will be able to have whilst working there. In turn, the candidate also uses technology to research the company that they are applying to work at.

HR analyst Josh Bersin observed that the most dynamic area of growth in HR technology is recruitment technology. New advancements in AI, assessment, sourcing tech and mobile functionality have radically altered the recruiting experience for both recruiters and candidates.

According to Human Resources Director the Covid-19 pandemic is accelerating hiring automation, with people working and recruiting from home. Companies were dabbling with online recruiting prior to the pandemic but the crisis has forced business into a new way of thinking and a new way of recruiting.

When companies embrace this new world of technology in hiring, they open themselves to a more diverse talent pool and essentially a bigger business, when you take location out of the equation you realise that you an be multi-national without the outlay of office space and additional costs of relocation.

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