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Updated: Sep 16, 2020

The Coronavirus crisis has sparked innovations in hiring, onboarding, and recruiting. Human resource leaders have their lessons and strategies to work with the new reality. Proper talent acquisition techniques are being explored to make the 2020 career hunt a simple process. “Many companies with partial or no remote working policies are now grappling as they try to shift to work from home. There is an evolution in what companies recruit and hire’” Darren Murph, Remote for Software development platform GitLab head.

Amid coronavirus pandemic, only 84% of the recruiters adapt the proper hiring process that facilitates remote exchange. Of these percentages, 58% use social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram to connect with potential hires. There is also a growing army of recruiters who source employees through videoconferencing to interview and screen the qualified candidate; besides, text messaging and AI is used to connect with prospective candidates.

Sure, the corporate recruiters are now engaging technologies to court and attract potential employees in this age of remote work and the social distancing. According to Darren Murph, companies now are still able to hire despite the harsh economic climate; they are now searching for the practical tactics they can use to grow their teams.

To embrace a reputable career hunt, recruiters looking for excellent employees to land on a key position in their business will have to keep the following tactics and hints in their minds.

Have A Creative Mind With Technology

Be a memorable recruiter; the best staffing company in Singapore won’t help you build on this. While ensuring that your job advert is relevant, it’s good to include a cover letter clearly stating the roles to be played and the required qualifications. Make the advert colorful (use infographics), include any catchy audio or video snippet. Hiring Antz, links you to a higher scope of expectations.

Perfect Your Art Of Video Interviews

With the current social distancing responses, communication is becoming more important than before. “Fearing Camera is in old news” AbsolutelyAbby.com’s Kohut. “Get over your fears and do it.”

When speaking as a professional recruiter, look at the camera and maintain appealing virtual eye contact. Don’t let the frequent photobomb freak you out. When your candidates make any unexpected happenings, make the interruptions temporary by turning such disruptions positive.

Be A Text Messaging Wizard

Candidates ought to be prepared for interviews occurring through this medium, When this happens, the recruiter is not an exception. As a recruiter, you should not be afraid to be yourself. Keep an especial eye out on your spelling, punctuation, and grammar. Some errors are auto-generated. Text-based recruiting offers you an opportunity to study the candidate personality by using Bitmojis, pictures, emoji, and GIFs.

Ask For Help

Don’t Be Afraid To Contact Experts. Stay on Hiring Antz radars to fill your open positions with ultimate employees. Recruitment Agency in Singapore doesn’t matter now, and it’s better to be proactive and persistent for professional outreach.

Hiring during these COVID-19 periods is not easy; companies have been forced to pivot their hiring processes handling to navigate the tricky times.

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