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Updated: Oct 5, 2020


he people who work 24x7 are Stay-at-Home Mums, contrary to others they spend their time much efficiently in a disciplined manner. Taking care of kids to completing the daily household chores is not as simple as they look. It needs time and energy both. 

Time has changed and now many stays at homes also contribute to the income of home as expenses are getting doubled with each passing day. No doubt, contributing to home income is integral and essential but apart from that what stands more important is to get engaged and reciprocate the knowledge and skills with the outer world that many SAHMs hold.

As stated above, the time has changed so it's no longer difficult to find work from home jobs in Singapore. There are so many options available from a diverse market segment for almost all skills type with or without experience. Assessing the background and time that stay at home mom can contribute, they can choose the job type and apply, and as the recruiter knows that applicant is SAHM so they also extend all help, training, and flexibility that one looks out for.

What Are The Most Popular Freelancer or Work From Home Jobs?

Writing/Proofreading/Translation/Editing - Writing, proofreading, translation, and editing are some of the best jobs that can be conveniently done from the comfort of home with just a laptop and a stable internet. You can easily find these types of work from home jobs in KL on different online marketplaces. One can easily earn $5 to $25 per blog or article. But some organizations are often willing to pay thousands for translation or copywriting of a catalog.

Freelancer Recruiter - If you like to get engaged with people and hold great communication skills, then it's good for you to apply for freelance recruiters jobs in Singapore. Many small retailers and start-ups are there who don't have full-fledged human resource departments, so they heavily rely on freelancer recruiters to find a suitable workforce for them. Apart from that, certain high-profile candidatures positions are difficult to close by HR function as specialized skills and experience are required, for that also, they head towards freelancer recruiters.

Data Entry - This is the easiest and mostly found option that comes under the category of work from home jobs in Singapore. If you don't have a specific skill-set in any niche, then data-entry is one of the simplest and straightforward jobs that anybody can apply for. You just need to have a good typing speed. 

The above options are just a few examples but customer service, website designing & development, programming, baking, photography, accounting, legal services, and many other are other options that can be applied for under freelancing.

But before starting a career as a freelancer just make sure how you will distribute the time between household work and job. Clearly define the time window i.e. what time to what time you will do the freelancing work each day to ensure it gets completed on time without bleeding into your everyday family life.

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